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Crowdfunding the Ubuntu Edge will fail

Just to be clear, I hope to be proven wrong!

Unfortunately, the data is fairly dismal.

With the help of Gustavo Niemeyer (@gniemeyer) from, I compiled funding data in 10-minute intervals dating back to the start of the campaign.

Although the Ubuntu Edge opened to a promising start, the pace has slowed to a crawl, and at the time of writing, the raised total has dipped below the red line, which represents a linear path between $0 at the start of the campaign and $32 million dollars at the campaign’s finish.

Crowdsourcing efforts often lose steam as the weeks progress, but the rate of donations have fallen so quickly and sharply that the Ubuntu Edge’s prospects look exceptionally bleak.

To illustrate, I created a movie that shows the projected linear estimates from a sliding 24-hour window of data. Again, the red line represents the linear pace for the $32 million goal, and the blue line represents the linear projection using only 24 hours of data at a time. Every fifth of a second, the movie slides forward one hour through the data.

The campaign launched quite nicely, and hit its second wind when the cheaper contribution levels were introduced. However, the rate of donations have fallen off considerably, and barring any dramatic changes, Canonical reaching its $32 million goal appears increasingly unlikely.

Although I was able to pledge for a phone at the $625 level, the Indiegogo campaign is structured in such a way that those pledging today are asked to shell out $775 for identical perks. It’s a puzzling structure, as the early-adopting enthusiasts (the ones likely most excited about the project and most willing to pay) were able to make their phone pledges at a much lower price point than those arriving late to the party.
Latecomers may be turned off by being asked to pay up to $230 dollars more for a phone than the earliest adopters, and unfortunately, the success of the project depends on new backers.

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