European crowdfunding Network AISBL

Request for Technology Providers for European Crowdfunding Data

European Crowdfunding Network ECNPosted on the European Crowdfunding Network (ECN), as part of a work package mandated by the European Commission, the ECN announced a call for submission for technology providers for an EU wide crowdfunding data platform.

This request is part of an initiative by Startup Europe – Crowdfunding Network for web entrepreneurs initiative. Any interested parties may submit their proposed technology with the deadline for submissions being February 10, 2014. The implementation is expected to commence in March 2014.

Oliver GajdaThe expectations are that a company would install, provide and maintain a data gathering and data rendering technology until the end of 2014. The process is expected to be simple enough that it can be managed by a non-technical staff. This will be operated by the European Crowdfunding Network’s AISBL’s Brussels based staff. The project is unpaid due to the limited budget of the overall work package.

The ECN, led by Oliver Gajda, has been a champion of the benefits of crowdfunding and hopes to establish crowdfunding as a viable and attractive concept for investors and startups. The Digital Agenda of the European Commission places emphasis on innovation, entrepreneurship and competitiveness as a requirement for economic growth and job creation.



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