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Crowdfunding London: May

Anna Scher Theatre Fundraiser

The Northern Line Series – A Gift from Aphrodite

Sometimes there’s no avoiding using a crowdfunder’s own words to describe their project, when no other words come close to doing it justice. And so here we have “a contemporary re-telling of the Greek myths located around London’s Northern Line stations.”

The creator and producer of the short-film series (and interactive website) is named Jessica Burnt Toast and her introductory video to the Northern Line Series (which you can see at the link above) has Aphrodite as a passive-aggressive Shoreditch resident, and Hermes as a crazy Mexican tourist.Laura Moody’s Debut Album You really must head to the Indiegogo page to find out what all this is about, as it sounds strangely intriguing and they’re only looking for £4, 000 to help with production costs (of which they’ve had £1, 300 pledged already). Pledge rewards include personalised business cards and posters, and ‘a personal video message from a god’, taken on his phone while waiting on the platform at Totteridge & Whetstone.

northern_line_seriesThe Anna Scher Theatre has been both performing and educating as a theatre-school in Islington since 1968. Over the years it seems its equipment has rarely been replaced or upgraded. One of the members for the last 35 years, Kerryann White, has decided it’s time to do something about it.

Little organisations like this are tremendously helpful in a huge city like London, where everyone has to find their own way to learn to love arts and music. The theatre is looking for just £2, 000 to help upgrade keyboards, props and so on, and it’s already a quarter of the way there. A fundraising night is planned for Saturday 7 June at St Silas Church, Penton Street, and all proceeds will be added to the Indiegogo fund.

Laura Moody is, in her words, a ‘cello-wielding avant-singer-songwriter’. Presumably she plans to play it as well as swing it about on her debut album, for which she is looking to raise funds via Indiegogo.

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