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How not to hire too many bad iPhone app developers

featured-appclover-elaine-heney-chocolate-lab-appsIt can be a long & frustrating road when it comes to hiring great iPhone app developers. Read on to find out how one appreneur learned to avoid the pitfalls.

Knowing the secret to finding and hiring great iPhone app developers is the Holy Grail in terms of getting apps made. It is very hard to do.

Here are a list of things that are easier:

- Rocket science
- Advanced mathematical modelling
- Riding a horse well (google Steve Halfpenny from Silversand Australia)
- Hiring great mobile artists
- Training a chocolate labrador
- Setting up iOS certs and provisioning profiles for the FIRST TIME – by YOURSELF!
- Finding your way around the rabbit warren that is the south of Dublin city when driving

So in a nutshell – find good, fast, honest, devs who can stick to budgets and schedules and who are a JOY to work with is bloody tricky. And I say this after hiring and firing many developers over the last 10 months.

What I did right:

- Used mainly oDesk which has a great range of devs
- Checked they all had 5* ratings and good reviews
- Kept the post short and simple, eg. ‘dev needed to integrate ad SDKs into game app’ and a few characteristics I wanted in terms of English standard, etc…
- Got some devs to do small work samples before I hired them to prove to myself they were good and would work efficiently
- Went through oDesk using the ‘Objective C’ exam filter to find the most technically expert iPhone app developers out there
- Hired someone on a team, so when it went wrong I contacted their manager and got a newer better dev to finish the work
- Once I found some devs I liked the look of, I emailed them all asking them how long it takes to integrate chartboost and revmob. This got rid of about 80% of the shortlisted applicants who literally made up the largest figures they could think of
- I only hired using fixed price contracts
- Made sure anyone I hired had good English
- Wrote out a list of exactly what I wanted done, before the contract began, and this did not change during the project
- Answered all quickly within a few hours, or max a day so I wouldn’t be a bottleneck in the process
- Hired slowly and fired quickly
- Worked closely with all contractors, good communication regularly and motivated my team

image2-appclover-elaine-heney-chocolate-lab-apps image3-appclover-elaine-heney-chocolate-lab-apps

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