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storytellingNonprofit storytelling can help you stand out from the pack. Here’s the cold hard truth — donors do not want to hear about your organization and the programs you provide.

They want to hear about the social impact that is made possible through their donations.

Here’s the thing. Knowing and understanding impact is what makes donors feel like they are making a tangible difference in the world and are part of something much bigger than themselves.

So how can your nonprofit convey your impact in a way that engages and inspires donors? By telling stories, of course!

Nonprofit storytelling gets more donations

In the last few years it seems like everyone is talking about the importance of nonprofit storytelling. The amount of material available on nonprofit storytelling is extensive, and with good reason.

Much of the work that nonprofits are doing is not necessarily relatable to the average supporter. To counteract this, we share the stories of the people we serve, the people who support us and the people who help us in the hopes that others will identify with some piece of that story and feel a connection to the organization.

Think about this.

Not using storytelling means that you are likely telling people a laundry list of programs your nonprofit provides. Some of which they may or may not understand, and they definitely won’t be able to feel the impact of those services.

But by telling a story, you can communicate the services you provide, and you can articulate its impact. That is how someone truly understands what your nonprofit is all about.

Stories are what give context and meaning to data and facts. They allow a donor to intimately and emotionally connect to your organization’s impact.

Beyond building this important connection, stories gets donations. Each story that is posted on a CauseVox fundraising site yields $109 in donations.

But as Ira Glass, host of This American Life, once said, “Great stories happen to those who can tell them.”

Have a purpose

When embarking on a nonprofit storytelling project, it is crucial that you know what the purpose of that story is. What do you want to achieve with it? What do you want readers to feel? How do you want readers to act as a result of that feeling? If you don’t have a clear sense of what’s happening you are only going to leave the reader feeling confused.

Add details

Stories can easily fall flat if there are not rich details that paint a full and beautiful picture in the reader’s mind.

Be emotive

Putting emotions on full display is part of what makes stories such an effective tool for nonprofits.

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While the boon of crowdfunding has become a valuable financial leveling tool for entrepreneurs and startups, it's been noticeably valuable for nonprofits, as well.

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