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I want to research the motivation behind Crowdfunding – can you

Ikosom gets a lot of requests from students abour our Crowdfunding research. And we like to help because the cooperation with students provides lots of great insights. There is one topic, however, where we always get asked a similar question and to avoid writing the same email over and over, I try to answer via a blog post. The blog post is in English because I think that other Crowdfunding Researchers in Europe are also dealing with the same question and I want to invite them to comment.

This is the question:

The question motivates people in all fields of Crowdfunding. We get art students, literature students, business students, law students, politics students and journalism students to ask us this question, in fact about twice per week. It seems asking „Why do people crowdfund?“ is really at the front of the brain of everyone who researches Crowdfunding for the first time.

Here is my answer:

There are hundreds, no thousands, of examples where Crowdfunding was used in the last centuries – and way before the Internet came and the arrival of Sellaband, Artistshare, Indiegogo and Kickstarter allowed Crowdfunding online. Humans have worked and cooperated for millenia. There is nothing new about Crowdfunding. Really, the question is: what keeps people from supporting each other? What are obstacles towards Crowdfunding.

It is very simple to tackle this question. You could look at it from a design perspective. You can look at it from a legal perspective. From a cultural perspective. Find the obstacles in Crowdfunding, then you find why people Crowdfund!

I can really recommend reading the Master Thesis of Michel Harms on the Motivation of Crowdfunding. You can read it here: (Don’t be fooled, the website is not a good crowdfunding knowledge repository – but might be soon.) In a very nice way, he explains a small but also already quite complex model for analysing motivational factors behind Crowdfunding. His model provides a couple of dozen factors that can be an incentive for a financial support through crowdfunding – and that is a lot.

It is vital to understand that Crowdfunding is both a financial tool of fundraising and a social tool of communication. There is no easy answer to say why people use Crowdfunding and there is no easy answer to say why people respond to that.

Mailpile - taking e-mail back

by gnostic2012

Bjarni Rúnar Einarsson
posted September 5, 2012
The bad news is, PayPal have frozen our PayPal account.
This means roughly $45,000 of the $135,000 we have raised so far are in a state of limbo and we don't know when we will get access to the money.
Rest assured, we are not taking this lying down and intend to put pressure on the company both through the media and legal channels and we have asked our counsel, the Software Freedom Law Center in New York, to help us work this out with Paypal

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