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Equity Crowdfunding: Why Education and Preparation Matters

Start preparing for equity crowdfunding now {focus_keyword} Equity Crowdfunding: Why Education and Preparation Matters sooner than laterIt’s now been more than 14 months since the signing of the JOBS Act. We are still waiting for the SEC to provide the necessary rules, guidelines and framework before equity crowdfunding officially becomes legal. This is discouraging to say the least. Nonetheless, while the SEC continues to drag their feet on this topic there are steps that issuers/entrepreneurs can and in fact NEED to be taking ahead of time in order to prepare for equity crowdfunding.

As a society hungry for change and job growth we can’t sit around holding our breath, twiddling our thumbs and waiting anxiously for the SEC to deliver what is required by them in regards to the JOBS Act. Here’s a quote by Ruth Hedges who is one of the most passionate and influential women in crowdfunding:

locked money {focus_keyword} Equity Crowdfunding: Why Education and Preparation Matters locked moneyWhile we wait on the SEC to promulgate the new rules, the industry and the country should be focusing on building a pipeline of quality compliant dealflow to fill the demand that will be created by this new world of millions of unaccredited investors, who will be looking to take advantage of this new opportunity, once it’s legal to do so.

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There’s no denying that the SEC has been dropping the ball when it comes to punctually providing rules and regulations for equity crowdfunding. This new way of raising capital has the potential to create a long lasting surge of job and economic growth in a game changing way that society has never seen before. That being the case, it’s understandable why so many people are outraged by this delay. Despite this, for definitive answers and solutions we need to be asking ourselves the right questions.

Although such reactions are normal and justified, instead of wasting so much time debating and asking questions like “when will the SEC get on the ball?“, perhaps the better question is “what steps can I take now so I will be the most prepared by the time crowdfund investing becomes legal?“.

This is why education is key. Part of the problem is that issuers/entrepreneurs aren’t even aware of certain actions they can and should be taking now in order to take advantage of the many benefits that equity crowdfunding will offer when it does become legal. For people looking for such solutions, is the best place to start.

Such disruptive and positive change doesn’t happen overnight, but going forward the more initiative we take, the more we prepare now and the more we help educate one another the better off we will all be.

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