Crowdfunding Medical Research

Why I Created a Crowdfunding Platform for Medical Research

I knew that I wanted a transparent, directed, and connected way to support medical research that would specifically impact my girls (genetics, vaccines, etc.). And I knew I wasn’t alone in looking for these things. So, I created a crowdfunding platform for medical research called

The Power of Community

Consano means “to heal” in Latin, and that is really the ultimate goal of medical research, that it will lead to better care, treatments, and survival. Our mission is simple: To provide a platform to enable individuals to donate directly to specific medical research projects, advancing medical progress and empowering individual action. I am a firm believer in the power of community, and crowdfunding epitomizes that for me. Together, we are stronger. Because Consano was created from the perspective of a patient, the guiding principles are the ideas of hope, honor and healing.

The dictionary definitions of “heal” include:

  • To restore to health or soundness; cure.
  • To set right; repair.
  • To restore (a person) to spiritual wholeness.

How to Make Change Longterm

Our first fully funded project was a childhood brain cancer project from Dr. Monika Davare out of the OHSU Knight Cancer Institute, who was looking for more targeted therapies for medulloblastoma. Medulloblastoma is the most common brain tumor in children with the median age of diagnosis at 8.7 years old. Not only do these kids go through aggressive chemotherapy and radiation as part of their treatment, but they often face detrimental long-term effects as a result of these treatments. Dr. Davare had scored in the 95th percentile for a Department of Defense grant, but missed out on the funding as the DOD only funded the 98th percentile. This competitive research funding landscape is not uncommon.

Dr. Charles Keller, also of OHSU Knight Cancer Institute, is also doing some wonderful research on childhood muscle cancer (rhabdomyosarcoma). This form of cancer is extremely difficult to cure when the cancer cells have spread throughout the body (metastasized). Dr. Keller’s lab is a collaborative effort with molecular biologists, stem cell scientists, biochemists, clinicians, and electrical engineers—all working together on this research to hopefully help overcome the challenges that prevent children from remaining disease-free from this form of cancer.

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Have you been burned by a crowdfunding campaign? PandoDaily have published an article regarding crowdfunding and the honeymoon period being over both for the platforms and creators. Read the full piece here and a snippet below after the jump.

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