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Every week, TUAW provides readers with an update on what new or significant crowdfunded Apple-related projects are in the news. This update is designed to give readers a heads-up on projects they might find interesting enough to back. Note that we're not covering those "projects" on Indiegogo where people are trying to get someone else to cough up money for a new computer or tablet... If a project reaches at least 80 percent of total funding and provides us with review material, we may choose to write a detailed post about it.

!Carbon Wearable Solar Charger We're just full of crowdfunded projects this week! Let's get it started, first with a fascinating independent project:

  • Moov wants to be Siri for fitness. Taking pre-orders for a limited quantity of devices at this time for only US$59.95, Moov promises to coach you verbally as you're working out or engaging in your favorite sport. To be honest, I'm not sure I'd be thrilled having Siri telling me to "run faster" or "lengthen your stride." Here's video:

Right ArmAnd now the hot Kickstarter projects of the week.

  • The Carbon wearable solar charger is a wearable with a difference. Rather than acting as an extension to your smartphone, it only exists to do one thing - charge your technology.Ember iPhone LED array With photovoltaic cells on top of a small battery, Carbon can charge itself up in two to three hours in full sunlight, then give your iPhone about a half-charge in 25 minutes. Carbon uses a standard watch strap so you can change your style to fit your needs. Right now you can back Carbon and get one for as little as $115. It's currently about 16 percent funded with 25 days to go.
Heming iPad Case
  • The Right Arm is already 286 percent funded with ten days to go, but you can still get in on the funding action. The Right Arm is touted as a universal tablet stand and mobile stand-up desk, using a long flexible arm that ends in a metal plate covered with a polyurethane gel that holds onto just about anything. You can still back The Right Arm for $104 or more.
  • Remember my recent review of the Jumper Card, a credit card-like set of charging cables with a battery and flashlight that fits in your wallet? Well, TravelCard wants to do the same thing with a thin aluminum-cased battery/charger/flashlight. One big difference: TravelCard has already achieved initial Made For iPhone (MFi) certification. TravelCard is almost 250 percent funded with almost a month to go. it's available in four different finishes; black, white, silver and metallic blue.

Bitcoin oversupply of Thanksgiving turkeys

by what-to-do-Bitcoining

"The website Assassination Market, a crowdfunding service that lets anyone anonymously contribute Bitcoins towards a bounty on the head of any government official–a kind of Kickstarter for political assassinations. According to Assassination Market’s rules, if someone on its hit list is killed, any hitman who can prove he or she was responsible receives the collected funds.
"Sanjuro’s grisly ambitions go beyond raising the funds to bankroll a few political killings. He believes that if Assassination Market can persist and gain enough users, it will eventually enable the assassinations of enough politicians that no one would dare to hold office

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