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New Crowd Fund Investing Committee

A national expert told the new Regional Crowd Fund Investing Committee Wednesday that cities tend to be “hot or cold” in their receptiveness to the coming digital crowd funding revolution.

Consider Louisville hot.

Wednesday was a big day for Louisville’s nascent crowdfunding effort, founded by entrepreneur Kent Oyler, president of .

First, the group picked up about 10 new members, a mix of business leaders, entrepreneurs and educators. The Louisville committee became the Regional Crowd Fund Investing committee after the arrival of y from Awesome Inc., a Lexington co-working space and startup accelerator.

(For the record, Southern Indiana-based entrepreneur and investor Tony Schy is a charter member.)

Second, it became formally organized, with the creation of four committees – education, engagement & advocacy, communications & awareness and infrastructure.

Still, there remain miles to go before the region’s high-impact entrepreneurs can use the new investment model to get in front of investors.

Those in attendance at U of L’s University Club continued the inaugural discussion of just what the Kentucky/Southern Indiana effort can do – should do – to position local entrepreneurs and investors for the, expected to be the biggest change in securities laws in 79 years.

Which was one of the points made during the meeting by Jason Best, Sherwood Neiss and Robert Mitchell with Miami-based via a teleconference with the group.

Best and Mitchell pitched the group on consulting with them and with Greater Louisville Inc. executives, promising to make Louisville officials experts in this still nebulous arena.

Best said in his experience, Chambers of Commerce “either are very hot, or very cold” on crowdfunding. Early adopters are following the JOBS Act progress, while other cities “are uninterested. You are on the leading edge.”

To get our region front of this financial giant wave, Oyler brought together last month a core group that includes angel investor Phoebe Wood, Nucleus executives Vickie Yates Brown and Vik Chadha and Louisville economic-development czar Ted Smith to discuss, refine and mobilize the effort.

Wednesday meeting topics included:

• whether the Louisville region group should take an activist tack in the SEC comment period leading up to changes in equities regulations under the JOBS Act. Investors, elected officials and entrepreneurs from across the United States have commented. (See graphic at right.) “I don’t think Louisville should be silent, ” said Dr. Jim Chen, former dean of the Brandeis School of Law at the University of Louisville. Mary Thorsby, a consultant working with Oyler on the project, said she’d love to see “Louisville, Kentucky” repeatedly on the “It’s exciting to see the interest here, ” Thorsby said.

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More analysis

by Aeurelius

No. 6 Spending $15 billion on a program that would hire construction workers to help rehabilitate and refurbishing hundreds of thousands of foreclosed homes and businesses
This is TEMPORARY JOBS!!! and why in the hell is tax payers footing the bill for foreclosed homes? Are you a retarded or what?
No. 7 Creating the National Infrastructure Bank (capitalized with $10 billion), originally proposed in 2007, to help fund infrastructure via private and public capita
This does jack shit to create jobs. It is a slush fund.
No. 8 Creating a nationwide, interoperable wireless network for public safety, while expanding accessibility to high-speed wireless services
Private sector does internet better

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