10 Best crowdfunding Sites

Top 10 WordPress Crowdfunding Themes

Create your own website for crowdfunding with Fundingpress. Your visitors will be able to easily create projects they made and bring them to life with the support of others.

Bootstrap framework is thing that made this theme alive. Because of that is extremely easy to create your website and to add projects in 4 simple steps.

GoodWork is elegant business theme which comes packed with some excellent plugins. It supports Ignition Deck plugin so you can make awesome website for crowdfunding.

Mission is WordPress church theme that can be used for a crowdfunding website. This theme is simply perfect for nonprofit organizations and churches who want to raise money or even sell products to get money. Theme comes integrated with WooCommerce plugin and Ignition Deck plugin.

Gig is music and bans theme with full funding functions. Theme comes packed with Ignition Deck plugin so it makes this theme perfect for raising money for your band or some other music related activity. It comes with responsive layout and large number of features.

GoodWork Gig

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by Aeurelius

No. 6 Spending $15 billion on a program that would hire construction workers to help rehabilitate and refurbishing hundreds of thousands of foreclosed homes and businesses
This is TEMPORARY JOBS!!! and why in the hell is tax payers footing the bill for foreclosed homes? Are you a retarded or what?
No. 7 Creating the National Infrastructure Bank (capitalized with $10 billion), originally proposed in 2007, to help fund infrastructure via private and public capita
This does jack shit to create jobs. It is a slush fund.
No. 8 Creating a nationwide, interoperable wireless network for public safety, while expanding accessibility to high-speed wireless services
Private sector does internet better

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