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20140427004431-Screenshots-1---updatedWelcome to This Week in Crowdfunding, where we take a look at a few interesting projects currently raising the necessary funds to bring idea to reality. is a brilliant solution to a problem many Canadians face every day: where to go when they’re sick.

Currently available on the web, iOS, Android and BlackBerry 10, provides one-touch directions and critical care information for the nearest emergency room, walk-in clinic, pharmacy and emergency care centre.

What began as a project by Ryan Doherty, a PhD student at U of T, grew into a quest to better take advantage of the myriad public healthcare options in Ontario.

So why is Tiny Maple Ventures, the company behind the venture, raising $9, 000 on Indiegogo? Because data procurement takes time and costs a lot of money, especially when information is constantly changing. The small team currently has Ontario fairly well covered, but intends to expand nationally by the end of September.Screenshot 2014-05-12 15.18.02 The , 000 goal will facilitate expansion to one province; $90, 000 is needed for the entire country, according to Doherty.

Other issues the team wants to address are language — is only optimized for English users right now — and better control, such as filtering, of the various layers of data.

So far, the app has garnered national attention, both for its ease-of-use and its place in the conversation encouraging governments to make healthcare provider information more readily available to non-government bodies.

As with most free apps on crowdfunding sites, is using lifestyle items as its prize tiers, though those who spend more do have a say in the direction. For example, pledging $50 lets you “prioritize a city/town” to have it added before others, while $60 nets you a “Cure-a-cold” package with a branded mug, speciality vegan health soup and more.

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by Aeurelius

No. 6 Spending $15 billion on a program that would hire construction workers to help rehabilitate and refurbishing hundreds of thousands of foreclosed homes and businesses
This is TEMPORARY JOBS!!! and why in the hell is tax payers footing the bill for foreclosed homes? Are you a retarded or what?
No. 7 Creating the National Infrastructure Bank (capitalized with $10 billion), originally proposed in 2007, to help fund infrastructure via private and public capita
This does jack shit to create jobs. It is a slush fund.
No. 8 Creating a nationwide, interoperable wireless network for public safety, while expanding accessibility to high-speed wireless services
Private sector does internet better

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