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Back in the Spring of last year, I was informed of a new crowdfunding website that had recently launched in Brazil called Catarse. At the time, I was familiar with the concept of crowdfunding and was certainly interested in it, but I hadn’t really spent any time thinking about it or brainstorming about its potential. That all changed when I saw Catarse, the first crowdfunding platform to launch in Brazil. Seeing a variety of fresh, innovative and hard-hitting projects being funded on the platform really sparked my interest both in crowdfunding and Brazil in general.

Yesterday, I had the chance to sit down with one of the caras (means ‘guys’ in Portuguese) who co-founded Catarse, Luis Otavio Ribeiro. Having spent quite a bit of time on the site watching videos and following certain projects, I was really excited about the opportunity for a little face time with one of the founders. There in the comfort of Catarse’s office, I sat down with Luis and learned about how the company was formed, what differentiates it from other platforms and where the company is going in the future.

The idea for the Catarse platform was born in a simple, very entrepreneurial way. Back in April of 2010, Luis, a business student at one of the business schools here in Sao Paulo, was surfing the Springwise website for ideas. Springwise is well known in the entrepreneurship community as a place to learn about new and innovative ideas from around the world for businesses ranging from restaurants to mobile apps. On Springwise, Luis encountered the Kickstarter crowdfunding platform in the US, and in that moment the idea for Catarse was born.

Catarse, sparking the change right here from their office in Sao Paulo

Together with fellow business student Diego Reeberg, the duo began to formulate a plan for bringing crowdfunding to Brazil. Later on in the year, they were fortunate enough to find a programmer out of Porto Allegre with a similar passion for the idea and from there the prototype for the first crowdfunding platform in Brazil was created.

On January 17, 2011, eight months after the idea was born, Catarse went live for the first time. Without really knowing what to expect from their entrepreneurial experiment, the Catarse team went into the project with a mission to democratize fundraising so that any Brazilian with an idea or creative project would be able to get the funds they needed to give it a shot.

Probably not the new Mega Man you're hoping for

by Kinsaras

But maybe someone will be interested in this.
Mega Man board game pre-orders begin at $79.99
By Emily Gera on Feb 20, 2014 at 6:00a @twitgera
Classic gaming franchise Mega Man is being adapted into a board game by developers at Jasco Games, a collective best known as as publisher of the Universal Fighting System collectible card card.
A crowdfunding campaign to aid in the funding of the board game, cards and other materials success came to an end late last year after reaching $415,041 in pledges - hundreds of thousands over its initial $70,000 funding goal

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