Crowdfunding a movie

How equity crowdfunding just might upend film financing co-founders Stephan Paternot and Duncan Cork.Source: co-founders Stephan Paternot and Duncan Cork.

Crowdfunding, the idea that you can plead for money from the masses, is no longer relegated to mom and pops. The platform is nibbling at the edges of the famously opaque film industry, and helping established professionals raise millions.

"If 10 to 30 percent of a film budget can be found through fans, friends and family—that's a big deal, " said Duncan Cork, co-founder and chief executive of, a year-old digital platform that connects potential investors with independent filmmakers. "The industry is coming around to this new world order, " he said.

Zach Braff: $2.6 Million and Counting

Actor-director Zach Braff—perhaps best known for his role on the TV series "Scrubs"—has raised about $2.6 million and counting on Kickstarter. He's making his sophomore feature after "Garden State." And, oh, how the haters have pounced. They've essentially accused him of swimming in a money pond that had been the purview of smaller fish with limited access to capital. "Is Zach Braff ruining Kickstarter?" one headline read.

Zach BraffCritics aside, it's difficult to imagine anyone in the industry turning away new piles of money—especially as the Hollywood economy changes rapidly.

The TV-computer hybrid model and on-demand viewing through platforms such as Netflix are gaining traction. Hollywood is

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So imagine a new film financing world, where average investors—not movie moguls and financiers—can buy a stake in a future film, and enjoy a portion of that project's success. It would be like buying a stock. So far, is the closest thing to that holy grail—a funding mechanism that opens up film financing to a broader audience. And more investors presumably mean more lower-budget features that big studios are ignoring.

Regulators are still drafting guidelines on so-called equity crowdfunding, which allows funders to actually own a piece of new businesses. In contrast, traditional crowdfunding that's prevalent on sites such as Kickstarter allows users to solicit cash donations (not loans) for projects and nonprofit causes.

Probably not the new Mega Man you're hoping for

by Kinsaras

But maybe someone will be interested in this.
Mega Man board game pre-orders begin at $79.99
By Emily Gera on Feb 20, 2014 at 6:00a @twitgera
Classic gaming franchise Mega Man is being adapted into a board game by developers at Jasco Games, a collective best known as as publisher of the Universal Fighting System collectible card card.
A crowdfunding campaign to aid in the funding of the board game, cards and other materials success came to an end late last year after reaching $415,041 in pledges - hundreds of thousands over its initial $70,000 funding goal

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