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Crowdfunding a new direction for filmmaking

In a country that prides itself on cutting-edge technology, a documentary about a shaman wasn't going to be a box-office blockbuster.

"Because of the subject matter, we thought it'd be difficult to promote", said Jeon Ji-yoon, project manager at a crowdfunding website for films called Funding 21 who oversaw Park Chan-kyong's art-house film "Mansin: Ten Thousand Spirits".

So imagine Park and Jeon's surprise when the film based on the life of Kim Geum-hwa, an 83-year-old exorcist, rose to the top of art-house charts last month.

"The film ended up being released at a lot more theaters than we planned", said Jeon, still a bit shocked by the success of the taboo film, which remains in the top five.

"I guess a lot of people who were interested in preserving traditional culture sponsored us", said Park.

In exchange, those people received VIP screening tickets and their names were featured in the credits.

While just 55 percent of the million won (, 031) target sum was collected, the money was never the point for Park. For him, crowdfunding offered an opportunity to communicate with people about his full feature debut.

"With movies like this, you can't really advertise on TV", says Park, who, although new to films, picked up a trick or two from his older brother, director Park Chan-wook ("Old Boy").

More so than the sponsorship, Park sees meaning in "participation and dialogue". It also helped that crowdfunding websites are linked to most SNS websites, which means sponsors often tweet, share and re-tweet about "their" film.

"We do promote the films in Cine21 [parent company and movie publication], but we do find that SNS is a more compatible media", said Jeon, adding that filmmakers have begun to use crowdfunding as a means to allow individuals to fund the projects they believe in.

The truth is that if he wanted, Park easily could have found an investor with his connections in the industry, but he believes crowdfunding "fell in line" with his goal "to get people involved".

While crowdfunded movies have been surfacing in the last two years, it's only in recent months that filmmakers have caught on to the peripheral benefits it brings.

And in the wake of this realization, the possibilities for the medium seem limitless, as both filmmakers and crowdfunding platforms have a chance to reinvent themselves.

Compared to the United States, where websites like Kickstarter have been offering artists a platform to raise funds for the past five years, the movement in Korea and crowdfunded movies in particular were introduced just two years ago.

Probably not the new Mega Man you're hoping for

by Kinsaras

But maybe someone will be interested in this.
Mega Man board game pre-orders begin at $79.99
By Emily Gera on Feb 20, 2014 at 6:00a @twitgera
Classic gaming franchise Mega Man is being adapted into a board game by developers at Jasco Games, a collective best known as as publisher of the Universal Fighting System collectible card card.
A crowdfunding campaign to aid in the funding of the board game, cards and other materials success came to an end late last year after reaching $415,041 in pledges - hundreds of thousands over its initial $70,000 funding goal

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