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Investment opportunities in Europe are part of a successful, diversified portfolio. We are happy and always ready to assist our clients with the process with full transparency and convenience. Each of these businesses, including factories, facilities, restaurants and service companies, is a potential source of income. For this we have thoroughly thought over long-lasting plans. Our website enables investors to find, buy or sell, and manage a potentially profitable enterprise. With such simplified abilities for online investments, an investor gets the necessary toolset for coordinating the benefits and liabilities of each business. To learn more about these advantages, please take a moment to create an account on our site. We look forward to helping people in this dynamic economy.

Confirmation of your investment
As an investor you will receive documents confirming the fact that you made an investment as of the certain date, by regular mail. You will receive a confirmation certificate where your name and investment description are specified. The certificate is protected by a hologram sticker and sealed by our director. In your mail package there will also be your business review - a description of your business, photos and its address.

Businesses to invest
The below are the listed businesses. Businesses are working and earning money but to keep running well some funds are required. You can see the list of investment opportunities below. Please learn more about it and start investing.

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UInvest, Inc. Announces Partnership With WestPark Capital, the USA Full Service Investment Banking and Securities Brokerage Firm
UInvest is proud to announce that the company has entered into a consulting partnership with the investment banking firm WestPark Capital, Inc., that will be UInvest's primary U.S.-based investment industry advisor.

Take Down the Fed with Ron Paul: the Adventure G

by deckhand

Ron Paul may not be the most avid gamer -- but the leading libertarian certainly wouldn't want to stop you playing his character in an upcoming videogame from Texas-based programmer Daniel Williams.
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"Ron Paul: The Road to REVOLution" is a side-scrolling adventure game that echoes console classics of days gone by. Players take control of Dr. Paul as he sprints across the U.S., collecting coins (made of gold, of course) and delegates in a race for the White House.
The browser-based game has one level for each of the 50 states, and 13 boss fights -- one for each branch of the Federal Reserve

Carlton gets in on crowdfunding with $1B target  — Real Estate Weekly
Last week, the Carlton Group, a decades-old real estate investment banking firm, announced the launch of its own online crowdfunding platform with plans to finance $1 billion of transactions.

UCLA crowdfunding campaign to promote healthcare in Haiti  —
UCLA Spark, an online crowdfunding platform for innovative projects that is underway at UCLA, will host a 30-day campaign beginning May 15. It has the goal of raising $5,000 to bring Dr.

CreateSpace Independent Publishing Platform Krautfunding: Deutschland entdeckt die Dankeschön-Ökonomie (German Edition)
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