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6 Top Crowdfunding Sites for Artists and Bands

1.PledgeMusic is London-based quasi all or nothing crowdfunding model in which the company “releases the funds in three payments (on funding, release, and fulfillment).” In order to receive all of the money, bands must meet their fundraising goal. This site also allows artists to create pre-order campaigns in which PledgeMusic disburses the money immediately when the campaign is released and fulfilled. This second type of campaign is designed for labels and artists who already have a recording and are looking for marketing help. There is a “15% commission for every successful pledge received, after the target is reached.”

2. Sell A Band is a European site that has had over $4 M pledged since 2006. Record labels, sponsors, artists, and more can use this site as a crowdfunding platform. The goal amount must be tween €3, 000 and €250, 000. Artists can also offer a revenue share as a reward so that their “believers” will benefit from the sale of the proposed album or song. Sell A Band takes 15% of the total money raised if the project is successfully funded.

5. Kickstarter is a well-known American crowdfunding site with a music category where artists and bands can post their music project and offer donation-based rewards. At the time of writing, 18, 623 music projects have been launched and raised $61.43 M with a 54% success rate. This is one of the largest categories on Kickstarter.

6. Indiegogo is the largest international crowdfunding platform that also has a music category. For individuals without an American citizenship or residence, this is a good alternative to Kickstarter.

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Like international crowdfunding sites, Civicside collects a small percentage of funds raised. Civicside's fee is 4.5 percent of the total amount raised.

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