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Crowdfunding Campaigns at WebmaisterProThe latest feature at WebmaisterPro – international crowdfunding platform dedicated to creative web project, mobile applications, IT projects and software bug solving. If you are new to crowd funding (often spelled crowdfunding) or don't understand the term well, I will offer a clarification. This is a process in which individuals or companies pool money fund projects initiated by other people or organizations.

Funding Model

WebmaisterPro crowdfunding platform offer KiA option (Keep it All), which literally mean that we offer flexible funding campaigns. Even if your campaign doesn't reach the goal, the raised funds will be transferred to your Paypal or bank account.

The options for campaigns are flexible – donations, non-commercial and equity crowdfunding.

Why Crowdfunding at WebmaisterPro?

Our platform isn't unique, interface is very similar with some of the top websites like IndieGogo and Kickstarter.
The main difference is that WebmaisterPro Crowdfunding feature is dedicated to websites, mobile applications, software, creative web projects of any kind and social networks.
Often (nearly 95%) of web projects at other crowdfunding websites remain invisible due to large number of non-web projects. That's the main reason, we've decided to allocate resources and build this platform.

Dreams Depend on Money, Sometimes!

  • Do you have website or mobile application idea?
  • Do you think that your idea is unique?
  • You don't have enough money to release your web project?
Every member of WebmaisterPro, can start new crowdfunding project at WebmaisterPro and gather the funds necessary to start or continue the project.

Platform is international, so people from any country at legal age with verified Paypal account can participate.
The project can be blog, social network, company website, mobile application, software, anything related to IT and technology!

Important Notes and Tips

Every new campaign is a subject of moderation and approval. Good presentation, setting realistic goal and promotion (social sharing) are essential for sucessful crowdfunding campaign.

Transsexuals out by news reporter to there husba

by isiscochina

Transsexuals out by news reporter to there husbands
At the Edge of Night: Who Owns a Woman’s Truth?
By now word has spread like a nauseating shockwave through the various channels and tributaries of the Internet: independent game developer Chloe Sagal “defrauded” online contributors to her IndieGogo crowdfunding campaign for what she’d called a “lifesaving surgery;” in the wake of the internet-mob-justice bacchanal that followed, Chloe made an apparent suicide attempt on a stream. She is, as of this writing and to the best of my knowledge, recovering in a hospital

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