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Almost all charity crowdfunding sites have one thing in common – they want your donation. At first impression, most people might prefer to donate to their preferred charities directly. Knowing that most charities would deduct a portion of the donation for their administrative fee, why would donors want another 3rd party (the crowdfunding website) to take another cut of the donation? It doesn’t sound too feasible eh?

Fortunately, some creative developers have thought of a more interesting business model, i.e. a combination of charity crowdfunding and t-shirt/gift selling. People can shop for something nice and help others at the same time. Have a look at Sevenly.

Every week Sevenly teams up with a charity, helps raising funds and awareness for 7 days. The campaign starts on Mondays at 10am PST with the release of limited edition products. Each purchase made gives to the charity partner of the No matter you purchase a campaign specific t-shirt or something from their wide range of gift selection, $7 goes directly to make a difference with the charity. Sometimes, with special event like this week’s charity Autism Speaks, donation is doubled to $14 per item. Since each design is specific to a given week’s cause or charity, after 7 days, some of the designs might not be available. For new designs, remember to check out their website on Monday mornings at 10am PST sharp.

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by bigconcepts

Big-Concepts is a rewards crowdfunding platform for creative people and small business. Using social media to reach out to people who believe in you and your concepts. Game developers, fashion designers, artist, new technology, inventions, film makers, musicians and business owners are a few of the categories who typically receive significant funding from effective crowdfunding campaigns.

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