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Will Crowdfunding Lead to an Indie Sequel Boom?

Fay Grim Scene Still 027In the history of indie film, sequels haven’t been very common. If we exclude horror movies, that is. And now documentaries. There’s Clerks II, S. Darko, John Duigan’s Flirting, Wayne Wang’s Blue in the Face, Lars von Trier’s Manderlay, What Becomes of the Broken Hearted? and I guess The Road Warrior (and Mad Max Beyond Thunderdome). There tend to be weird circumstances and technicalities for a lot of them, too. One of the purest examples of an indie sequel is, of course, Before Midnight, which is even rarer for being a third part. It’s possibly the most beloved and critically acclaimed film of the year, and it could very well lead a new wave of follow ups to indie favorites and cult classics that aren’t necessarily easily banked genre flicks.

Back in May we learned of another indie threequel in the works, Hal Hartley’s Ned Rifle. The sequel to Henry Fool and its first follow up, Fay Grim, will complete a trilogy about the Grim family with stars Liam Aiken, Parker Posey, James Urbaniak and Thomas Jay Ryan all returning. And the means to finance this film, which is highly anticipated among Hartley’s core 25-year-strong following, has now been announced as falling on the shoulders of that fanbase. The Kickstarter campaign began yesterday with a goal of $384k. And it’s already taken in 10% of that amount. Apparently some of his devoted — of which I was once a huge one — weren’t as turned off by the second installment as I was.

We can add Ned Rifle to a number of other indie film sequels popping up on crowdfunding websites of late. This past weekend I spotlighted the campaign for SLC Punk 2: Punk’s Dead, which has raised close to $20k in a week. Because it’s on Indiegogo with a Flexible Funding campaign, it’s not as important what the percentage of its total sought amount is (7% of $250k if you must know), as the production will get to keep any amount pledged even if it’s well short of the goal. There’s also The Man From Earth II: Millennium, which had an unsuccessful Kickstarter campaign, but the filmmakers are going to give it another shot soon.

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