Charity crowdfunding platform

The rise of crowdfunding, and what it means for charities

A Beginners Guide to Legacy FundraisingWhile some of these continue to this day (for example, Children in Need and Comic Relief), now more than ever before we are seeing smaller-scale group fundraising efforts, with community, schools and work groups getting together to find fun ways to fundraise. Millions of pounds are regularly gathered and given to valuable causes through programmes that tap into a basic human wish to alleviate suffering and make the world a better place.

Better together

Of course, there is another driver that has stimulated the growth of these annual events: the need to feel connected to others. Whether through book clubs, dance classes, or investment circles, people enjoy being part of a collective.

Yet this has not been the traditional model for giving. Philanthropy has often been a very lonely business, with people simply sitting at home and writing out cheques. Giving circles originated as a type of community philanthropy, where groups of friends could enjoy the benefits of todays telethons by coming together to donate their time and money to charity. People could pool their donations, learn about new charities, share their expertise with each other and have an overall enjoyable experience.

The 4 secrets to perfect charity partnershipsTodays giving circles vary in size and structure, ranging from informal groups meeting locally to formal charitable organisations with employed staff members. They appear equally attractive to new and longstanding philanthropists, typically increasing the donations given by both groups. Different circles vary their charitable focus by type of beneficiary (eg, children), geography and selection criteria (including religious affiliation).

Virtual philanthropy

The arrival of the internet enabled the creation of virtual giving circles part of the phenomenon of crowdsourcing and crowdfunding. People could now come together easily on electronic platforms such as Kickstarter and IndieGoGo to contribute funding, offer creative expertise, pool resources, volunteer time and receive perks (such as customised t-shirts). By 2012, there were 500 online crowdfunding platforms, including platforms for charitable funding such as Sponsume, Peoplefundit, Wefundit and Buzzbnk. Nestas 2013 report Working the crowd estimated that crowdfunding contributions towards profit-making and charitable projects in the UK alone reached £200m in 2012.

Thought on Equity Crowdfunding in the US?

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Curious on your thoughts on Crowdfunding; nonprofit, individual and Equity crowdfunding.
Have you ever run a crowdfunding project?
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to figure out if we should stick to reviewing crowdfunding platform and support services or branch in to promoting crowdfunding projects

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