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Indiegogo to accept Canadian dollars, offer French crowdfunding

“Canada was one of first countries to embrace us that wasn’t the U.S. We’ve had Canadian campaigns on Indiegogo since pretty much the beginning, ” co-founder Danae Ringelmann said in an interview.

Seventy per cent of Indiegogo’s business comes from U.S. campaigns and Canada makes up a “strong percentage” of the international business, she said.

Until now, the site has only collected and disbursed funds in U.S. dollars (those who start campaigns must have a U.S. bank account).

“While most campaigns raise money from more than one country, still a large amount of funding comes from the country of origin, where the campaign is, ” she said. “So we want to be able to provide a familiar funding experience.”

“There was a little bit of friction given the fact that we were only available in U.S. dollars so we wanted to completely remove that, ” she added.

Indiegogo is also adding the euro and British pound sterling as available currencies, and will expand to offer the platform in German later this month. Next year, it will offer localized versions of its homepage to highlight popular campaigns in Canada, Britain, France and Germany.

Ms. Ringelmann was at the LeWeb tech conference in Paris, France Wednesday morning to announce the changes.

Like other crowdfunding Web platforms, Indiegogo makes money by taking a cut of the funds raised.

The San Francisco-based company, which was founded in 2008 and is backed by US$16.5-million in venture funding, takes 4% of the funds raised if a campaign reaches its funding goal.

Thought on Equity Crowdfunding in the US?

by Crowdfunding-Sites

Hey All,
Curious on your thoughts on Crowdfunding; nonprofit, individual and Equity crowdfunding.
Have you ever run a crowdfunding project?
Was it successful?
How/Did you promote the project outside of the Crowdfunding Platform you utilized?
Doing some additional research for
to figure out if we should stick to reviewing crowdfunding platform and support services or branch in to promoting crowdfunding projects

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