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Hyperfund: An Equity Crowdfunding Marketplace for Non-accredited Investors

Crowdfund Investors and Issuers {focus_keyword} Hyperfund: An Equity Crowdfunding Marketplace for Non-accredited Investors crowdfund investors and fundraisersThe opporunity has finally arrived for non-accredited investors to get in on the ground floor of the next great business by using Hyperfund. Hyperfund is an equity crowdfunding platform that is expected to launch in the fourth quarter of 2013.

The concept for Hyperfund dates back to 2006, when VP of Business Development, David Schmelke was attempting to raise capital from the Angel Investor and Venture Capital community. Growing ever more frustrated with the limitations associated with working exclusively in the Angel Investor and Venture Capital community, David knew there had to be a better way, so he began researching the mico-finance and peer-to-peer lending markets. His passion is to make startup equity investing available to everyone, providing the benefits of investing while spreading the risk across a larger group of people. And so Hyperfund was born…

Hyperfund is designed to equally address the needs of both investors and fundraisers. Hyperfunds proprietary system provides a safe, secure, and efficient environment for anyone interested in investing into a startup business. Investors will be able to easily find, connect, and exchange information with small businesses. Small businesses have the opportunity to reach several thousand potential investors in a very cost effective and time efficient manner.

The Hyperfund platform is user-friendly and custom to each investor based on their interests. Investors have the ability to select options from a wide range of criteria, allowing Hyperfund to create a custom portal based on the selected criteria. Effectively and efficiently matching investors with types of small businesses they are most interested in.

A Basic Membership to Hyperfund is free. Hyperfund uses a fixed-menu pricing model with prices varying by member segment and service level. The fees charged are reasonable and Hyperfund does not take a percentage of the funds raised. As a result, more money goes directly to the fundraiser. Membership to Hyperfund is open to accredited investors, angel investors, and non-accredited investors. At this present time, Hyperfund will be operating strictly in the United States.

Thought on Equity Crowdfunding in the US?

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Hey All,
Curious on your thoughts on Crowdfunding; nonprofit, individual and Equity crowdfunding.
Have you ever run a crowdfunding project?
Was it successful?
How/Did you promote the project outside of the Crowdfunding Platform you utilized?
Doing some additional research for
to figure out if we should stick to reviewing crowdfunding platform and support services or branch in to promoting crowdfunding projects

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