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10 Tips for a Successful Crowdfunding Pitch Video

10 Tips for a Successful Crowdfunding Pitch VideoSurprisingly I still get this question a lot: Do I need a pitch video for my crowdfunding campaign?

The answer is always YES!

Regardless if you are crowdfunding the world’s next gadget on Kickstarter, your cause on GoFundMe or a web series on TubeStart – All successful crowdfunding campaigns have one common denominator:

A Great Pitch Video

If your crowdfunding campaign lives on a crowdfunding portal, then the campaign video is your front door. It’s the first (and unfortunately often the last) impression the crowd will get of you and your campaign. It’s your one and only shot, nobody will read your description or check out the perks unless they have already made up their mind to contribute after watching your campaign video.

I Am Lazy And I Have ADD

..and I am busy and have a lot of options when choosing which campaigns to contribute to. If your pitch video fails to capture my attention in 30 seconds, or by 90 seconds hasn’t delivered your message and created an emotional bond that makes me pull out my credit card to give you my hard earned money, all other efforts are down the drain. And I am not alone. If you believe in stats, most people are like this.

You must create that emotional bond with your crowd by telling them about you and your project. Give them a reason to like you and choose your campaign, idea or cause.

Hundreds of thousands of crowdfunding campaigns out there are fighting for attention and funding. You know your idea is great, you have the vision in your head and you know who you are, but does your crowd know all this?

The Story Counts

People don’t just invest in a crowdfunding idea to get some perk, they primarily invest in the people and the story behind it. That’s why you need to tell your story and what you want to do in a clear, engaging manner that allows people to get to know you, feel the excitement and want to become part of it.

TIP #1 Keep It Personal

Be sure to make your pitch personal but keep it professional. Show that you can put just as much care and attention into presenting your idea as you will executing it. Sharing both personal and business insights is much more effective for inspiring your audience.

TIP #2 Keep it Short

The first 10-20 seconds have to be the most impactful of your video. At the 30 second mark you’ve already lost about one third of your viewers, so make sure to get to the point as quickly as possible.

TIP #3 Keep It Professional

Don’t insult your crowd with bad lighting and sound. No one expects high end video production, but avoid common mistakes like dim lighting, poor sound quality, unstable screenshots or background noise from pets and/or children. A poor quality video will send a message to your crowd and investors that your product or service may be poor quality as well.

First of all

by MyThreeCents

Do yo have a large social media network to begin with? Do you have hundreds of friends on FB or have hundreds or thousands of people who "like' your FB page? Do you use twitter? etc., etc.?
This is part of what makes a successful campaign, you have to have a large pool opf connections to start with.
Also, a well done video is crucial, as is running an actual "campaign" meaning you don't just set up a page and try to get people to fund you and let your page sit static. The ones that do well, engeage their givers all along the way.
Plus it has to be something suited to crowdfunding - what kind of idea are you trying to get going? And how much money are you asking for?
There are many tips and expert advice on how to launch and run an effective crowdsourcing...

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