Crowdfunding business plan template

Why Business Plans Are Invaluable to Crowdfunding Campaigns

Business Plan Crowdfunding CampaignFor both reward-based and equity-based crowdfunding, we’ve covered many facets of a successful campaign. But there’s one essential step for start-ups still to discuss — the business plan. In a sense, writing a business plan is the ultimate way to prepare for a crowdfunding because it forces you to look at your project from every possible angle.

While portals may require equity campaigns to write these documents, reward-based crowdfunders can benefit from a solid business plan as well. Not all details will translate directly, but the process will shed light on many critical aspects such as setting goals, identifying markets, and creating a pitch. In addition, such documents add transparency, ultimately improving your project’s reputation and credibility. So although the task may seem daunting, it’s one that campaigners should consider undertaking.

The Standard Business Plan Format

The many headings, subheadings, and titles, as well as the organization of such elements, may vary. Things like table of contents and appendices help organize material, so put sufficient thought into formatting the document. For some areas, you may need to consult an accountant or industry expert, both of which will help in the long run.

Overview, Executive Summary, Company Description

Typically, you should write the executive summary last as it encapsulates all of the report’s main points. Similarly, an overview introduces what the rest of the business plan will cover. The specifics only really start in the company description. Here you will need to define your start-up’s mission — its goals, visions, mandates, beliefs, and so on. This portion will help you form a pitch.

To add substance, talk about the history and state of your start-up. Profile each team member in the report because investors take management seriously. Include summaries and qualifications as you would in a resume. Also, mention the various products and services associated with your start-up, though you may need to go in-depth on this again later.

Crowdfunding money to rebuild destroyed Montana

by mondoBLIND health clinic
Crowdfunding money to rebuild destroyed Montana family health clinic —
Since 1976, Susan Cahill of All Families Healthcare has been in family practice in Montana, offering compassionate family/reproductive health services -- including abortion. It is for this reason that her clinic was all but destroyed by violent thugs, who even trashed her irreplaceable personal mementos. An Indiegogo fundraiser has brought in about $32K so far...

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