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Crowdfunding Video Best Practices

Creating a crowdfunding pitch video is one of the most important aspects of putting together a crowdfunding campaign. It is, after all, a chance to make a great first impression and entice the backers to give money to your campaign.

So, to get some thoughts on what makes a good pitch video, we turned to Sarunas Daugirdas and Kc Daugirdas from Elevant Productions. The two were kind enough to answer a few questions via email about creating a great crowdfunding video.

Anton Root, What's the favorite video that you've worked on? What made it effective?

Sarunas Daugirdas: The first video we made at Elevant Productions was for a magnetic bottle opener called DropCatch created by Kent Frayn and Joe Walsh, two of my friends from the University of Illinois. It was a really fun process that resulted in a highly successful production.

Our first step was to develop a persuasive script. Kent, Joe, and I swapped out words, crossed out sentences and rewrote paragraphs for days until we had the pitch sounding just right. Because we came out of pre-production with such solid lines, we were able to stay relaxed and focused during the actual filming. Kent and Joe were receptive to my coaching and had the confidence to improvise the memorized parts just enough to give them that “natural” feel. After collecting the interview and B-roll (contextual) footage, I started what would be a 40-hour editing process for a 75-second finished video. Once the edited visuals were in place, Kc wrote an incredible soundtrack that amplified the “hand-crafted, ” optimistic vibe we were going for.

Overall, I’d say the video worked well because it was consistently engaging throughout. Kent and Joe were genuine and friendly on camera, the B-roll showed a whirr of entrepreneurial activity, and the music tied it all together. It’s a video that makes you feel good.

What's your overall favorite pitch video, and why?

SD: Out of the hundreds of crowdfunding videos I’ve seen, the one for the “Boombot REX Ultraportable Speaker” campaign on Kickstarter is my favorite. At its core, it’s a video that sells a lifestyle instead of a mere product.

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