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A Big Year For Crowdfunding Startups in 2013; 2014 Looking Even

120514030008-allerta-pebble-smartwatch-kickstarter-story-topThe year of 2013 can be pretty much summed up as the year of crowdfunding. This concept is not anything that is new in the business world, but did play more of a prominent role in 2013 in helping entrepreneurs start their new projects or fund charitable organizations.

Crowfunding startups through specific websites is what online crowdfunding and fundraising is all about. For years, filmmakers, artists and charities have used the power of the Internet to generate money for projects. But, in the previous year — with Congressional approval — startups will be allowed to raise money this way by selling stock to small-time investors. That means no more traditional bank loans, or payments to worry about while building a business.

Mainstream Crowdfunding Startups Will Be Less Prominent

Right now, there are a little more than 1, 000 fundraising websites available today. This is about to become much more popular. Perks-based crowdfunding sites like Kickstarter and Indiegogo have been around for years, helping artists fund their projects, allowing makers to finance their prototypes and enabling inventors to experiment. But what will be different this time is the ability to trade an equity stake (or a percentage of ownership) in exchange for an investment. Imagine the possibilities – you could own a percent of an actual company for, potentially, just a few hundred dollars. It’s a pretty cool opportunity when you really think about it.

That means that there will be plenty of new crowdfunding startup sites available to choose from which will cater to a wide variety of different projects. Because of this, many in the investment field believe that those more prominent websites – like Kickstarter – will be less so while new ones rise in popularity.

E-Fundie is Crowdfunding Startups Today For Less

One of the reasons that newer, and possibly smaller, crowdfunding sites will rise quickly is because of the percentages that are involved. Yes, it is always about the bottom line in business, and crowdfunding is no different.

The percentages refer to the amount of money that is raised that you actually get to keep vs. the money that the website takes for their part in helping. Of course, this is good business sense. The question is not how much money you want to make, but the percentage you are willing to give up according to what is offered. Again, that is also good business sense.

Equity-based crowdfunding: recent proposed SEC rulings will make it easier for startups to access capital, sell securities.(FINANCING): An article from: Black Enterprise
Book (Earl G. Graves Publishing Co., Inc.)

Crowdfunding money to rebuild destroyed Montana

by mondoBLIND health clinic
Crowdfunding money to rebuild destroyed Montana family health clinic —
Since 1976, Susan Cahill of All Families Healthcare has been in family practice in Montana, offering compassionate family/reproductive health services -- including abortion. It is for this reason that her clinic was all but destroyed by violent thugs, who even trashed her irreplaceable personal mementos. An Indiegogo fundraiser has brought in about $32K so far...

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