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Best crowdfunding options will rise to the surface

Andrew Eckerman

Best crowdfunding options will rise to the surface

This is the second half of the Bankless Times interview with Andrew Eckerman, the CEO and Founder of Yellowbrick, a social marketplace with apps that combine projects from close to 40 crowdfunding sites from around the world to mobile devices, enabling the user to search for projects they want to support based on the criteria that are important to them.

In Part One we discussed Yellow Brick, the current state of crowdfunding, Indiegogo and Kickstarter. Today we discuss the future of the industry.

Several countries have taken steps to seemingly make crowdfunding easier and more acceptable while we are still waiting for the U.S. to do so. Do you see any scenario in which the U.S. does not allow this to happen?

There absolutely is a scenario where the U.S. doesn’t push through equity crowdfunding, and it may be more likely to see a version of equity crowdfunding pushed through that is so cumbersome as to not be functional.

I do believe the parties pushing for the approval and those who are pushing the regulatory bodies are doing the right thing and are doing everything they can. I believe their efforts will be successful eventually, but the greatest challenge facing these advocates is a true economic recovery and a return to more aggressive small business lending.

Truly no type of SBA loan activity would replace the huge potential of equity crowdfunding, but as jobs come back and the economy improves the pain that pushes the public advocates begins to lessen and become a lesser issue in the eyes of the public.

It is a difficult position to be in because we all want the economy to improve, in fact we’re all working towards that goal with pushing crowdfunding on a national and global scale, however, improvement lessens the pain for perhaps the most exciting movement to happen in private finance in 20 years.

All we can do is push as hard as we can and continue doing the right things to move this movement forward. I do believe it will happen and it will be very successful.

Microfinancing as a way to improve conditions in the developing world are gaining popularity. Given that small amounts do make a difference and with some governments looking to cut foreign aid, this seems like a perfect match of desire and opportunity. Might we see “foreign aid” crowdfunding grow in popularity?

International microfinancing has gained in popularity in even the last year. I expect this trend will continue, but the real excitement will come when U.S. crowdfunders get excited about new ideas, new causes and new businesses in these challenged regions.

The comfort level needs to improve but when we reach the tipping point in rewards crowdfunding in developing countries I believe we will see amazing things happen in these countries.

Equity-based crowdfunding: recent proposed SEC rulings will make it easier for startups to access capital, sell securities.(FINANCING): An article from: Black Enterprise
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