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CrowdFunding and ActSeedCapital-starved entrepreneurs eagerly await the dawn of a new capital market called crowdfunding. ActSeed is glad to support the and its mission to prepare us all for the opportunity to tap a major new vein of investor capital.

This new way of funding emerging businesses is shares a name with a donation-based funding model in use today, but is very different than offering a t-shirt or other memento in return for contributing a few dollars to a cause.

On April 5, 2012, the “Jumpstart Our Business Startups Act” or “JOBS Act” became law. A new game in the world of early stage business funding was created. The Act calls for the US Securities and Exchange Commission to now define the rules of this new game. It’s expected that the rules will be defined sometime next year and entrepreneurs will begin pursuing crowdfunding equity investments.

This “new game” is designed to increase participation in the investment process beyond existing restrictions. It’s designed to help flow more capital into the primary engine for economic growth and jobs growth: small businesses.

ActSeed helps entrepreneurs be the Early BirdWhile the general parameters of this new capital market are defined in the law, the coming specifics from the SEC must curb fraud while encouraging participation.

Numerous crowdfunding web sites are popping up almost daily – all hoping to become a thriving “new millennium stock exchange”. Each site will serve as a mini-exchange, with SEC-compliant rules for what company information an entrepreneur must share with investors and how it must be shared. The rules are supposed to be less onerous on small businesses while still protecting both the capital-seekers and capital-providers. Of the hundreds of aspiring crowdfunding sites, most will likely fail or consolidate with other sites. Crowdfunding will spawn cottage industries of support services and trade advocacy. Insurance companies, law firms, accounting firms, PR firms and trade organizations will specialize in crowdfunding activities.

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My new wood carving business can use your help

by CarvedInGrain

Hi, my name is Louis Colasanti, owner of Carved In Grain, LLC in Saint Robert, MO. Carved In Grain will be a custom wood carving company providing services to homes and businesses for signs, plaques, decorations, displays and furniture. We are registered with VeteranOwnedBusiness.com and sponsored by the VSBAF (Veterans Small Business Association Federation). We are looking for some community support to help put all of this together.
As part of the business start up, we also launched a crowdfunding campaign. If you are unfamiliar with crowdfunding, it's basically a concept of putting together a presentation about your business or idea, hosting it on a crowdfunding site, and sharing your campaign with the general public in the hopes of finding people who like and support your idea...

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This is an opportunity for those in real estate investing to exchange information, learn about crowdfunding as a method of rapid fundraising for real estate projects, and enjoy complimentary drinks and hors d'oeuvres.

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