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[Tendance] Le top des sites de crowdfunding en France | SFR[Tendance] Le top des sites de crowdfunding en France | SFR [Tendance] Le top des sites de crowdfunding en France Réaliser votre premier court-métrage, monter un projet solidaire, ouvrir une épicerie de proximité... vous fourmillez d’idées mais manquez de moyens ? La finance participative est là pour vous. Celle qu’on appelle aussi crowdfunding permet le développement de projets souvent délaissés par la finance classique. Une alternative qui repose sur un modèle de collaboration solidaire entre les internautes et d’échange direct entre le détenteur du projet et le donateur.

[Tendance] Le top des sites de crowdfunding en France | SFR

Crowdfunding Video Games The video game industry has been permanently changed with the advent of crowdfunding. The big name and high dollar success stories continue to roll in. Star Citizen raised over Million by combining a Kickstarter and self crowdfunding campaign.

Crowdfunding Video GamesOn October 31, 2012, Kickstarter opened up to projects based in the UK for the first time. In the first 24 hours, creators launched 85 projects. The first, a fun technology project called PiCade, raised more than double its funding goal. in the UK: The First Year » The Kickstarter Blog

The Year of the Game » The Kickstarter Blog The Year of the Game » The Kickstarter Blog Last week, Reaper Miniature Bones and Planetary Annihilation became the 10th and 11th Kickstarter projects to cross $1 million in funding. Both projects belong to the Games category. In fact, seven of the eleven projects that have crossed $1 million this year are games, and an eighth is a comic about a game. This has been the year of the game on Kickstarter. In 2012, more dollars have been pledged to Games projects than to any other category.

List of video game crowdfunding projects GameLaunched | International Crowdfunding Platform for Games, Gamers funding Gamers About the platform - Gambitious How Kickstarter Upended the Gaming Industry
CreateSpace Independent Publishing Platform Former Baseball Player Sucks At Crowdfunding: A Time Travel Adventure
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Fundable indiegogo kickstarter

by Acumagnet

Here are your chances to make a fast cool million.
Make 3 bogus but plausible programs that get people ecited. Raise as much money as possible.
Collect money and leave country.
I got screwed on prosper, and those same people, with bad credit, go to crowdfunding websites with even less to prove about their viability except for some crazy idea on how to make money.
There are already people getting screwed on these crowdfunding sites. It would be nice to have a website monitoring this and compiling the stories.

Crowdfunding: Nonprofit's newest, sharpest financial weapon [Infographic]  — Technorati
While the boon of crowdfunding has become a valuable financial leveling tool for entrepreneurs and startups, it's been noticeably valuable for nonprofits, as well.

Crowdfunding.(THE EDITOR'S FILE): An article from: American Gunsmith
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