Crowdfunding sites for Artists


logoIf you’re an independent artist, making money can be a challenge.

Doing what you love rocks, but there must be a way to make rent at the same time.

With the advent of Kickstarter and other “crowdfunding” sites, the internet is now host to many places where you can get donors for your creative endeavors.

In fact, “crowdfunding” raised $2.7 billion across the globe in 2012. An 81 percent increase from the previous year. We’ve already covered places to sell your homemade crafts online. Now it’s time for sites that help you raise money while you’re still in the creative process.

1. Feed The Muse

If you’ve got a dream, but need money to make it a reality, Feed The Muse is for you. For artists, writers, filmmakers, musicians, and even teachers trying to impact the community, this site is all about building a fan base and letting them feel like they’re a part of your innovative enterprises. Once you created a profile, you consolidate your fundraising efforts so your followers can read about donor benefits, find links to your social media, and get info on your projects all in one place. It also lets coordinate and send a pitch to your friends, fans, and family over all your social networks. Cost: Free to sign up, transaction fees are 10 percent.

download2. Patreon

Patreon is like a godsend for artists that put out work on a regular basis. Created by Jack Conte—musician and one half of the YouTube sensation Pomplamoose—it’s no surprise that it works. Conte has always been an innovator when it comes to connecting with fans and funding his work in transparent ways. Rather than pledging money for one large venture, donors subscribe and automatically give money each time an artist puts out new work. Users can also put a max on the amount they supply per month so they don’t spend more than they bargained for. Cost: Free to create a profile, 3 percent fee for credit card transactions and 5 percent fee for back end support once you start making money.

3. Chill

Makers of movies, episodic television, webisodes, and comedy specials will find a happy home in Chill. A place for aspiring stars of the silver and TV screen. The biggest draw of Chill is that it puts your work in front of an audience while still allowing you to embed it on your own site with a custom video player.

Finance YOUR Music: Crowdfunding for Musicians, Singers & Recording Artists
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Fundable indiegogo kickstarter

by Acumagnet

Here are your chances to make a fast cool million.
Make 3 bogus but plausible programs that get people ecited. Raise as much money as possible.
Collect money and leave country.
I got screwed on prosper, and those same people, with bad credit, go to crowdfunding websites with even less to prove about their viability except for some crazy idea on how to make money.
There are already people getting screwed on these crowdfunding sites. It would be nice to have a website monitoring this and compiling the stories.

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