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Crowd funding The Paddler’s Guide to Victoria

Paddlers in VictoriaMy name is Scott Rawstorne. I have been involved with paddle sports in a professional capacity for more than ten years. I have been involved in wholesale and retail sales, and also worked extensively as an instructor and guide. Throughout this time I have been struck by the lack of quality advice available to potential paddlers. I am fanatical about paddling and I firmly believe that anyone who knows what I know and experiences what I experience cannot help but share my passion. Call me a wild-eyed optimist, but I see no reason why there can’t be as many paddlers on the water as there are cyclists on the road and I have made it my mission to achieve that goal.

I set up the Global Paddler project in 2007 with a grand plan of providing comprehensive paddling information for everyone who loves seeing the world from the water. With the generous support of many paddlers and non-paddlers alike, I have since managed to create a series of online paddle guides and three books – The Paddler’s Guide to New South Wales, The Paddler’s Guide to Queensland, and The Paddler’s Guide to Melbourne.

The Paddler's Guide to VictoriaI am currently writing a fourth book called The Paddler’s Guide to Victoria. This will be the first paddling guidebook for Victoria in more than ten years. It will include maps, directions, colour photographs and running commentary for seventy of the most amazing places you are ever likely to see by kayak, canoe, or stand up paddleboard. I have explored each location myself, so readers can be sure that they are getting first hand information from an experienced paddler. The book is scheduled for release in September 2014 and I am hoping that crowd funding will help raise the $20, 000 required for printing, marketing, and distribution.

This is an invitation for you to be part of the crowd and I have some fantastic rewards to offer you for your help. For a contribution of just $50.00 you will receive:

  1. Goodies: Your very own copy of The Paddler’s Guide to Victoria
  2. Fame: Acknowledgement of your contribution printed in every copy of the first edition of The Paddler’s Guide to Victoria
  3. Gratitude: A handwritten personal thank you note in your copy of The Paddler’s Guide to Victoria
  4. Friends: Global Paddler membership from the date of your contribution to one year after the publication of The Paddler’s Guide to Victoria
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