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E-Learning Orientation I need to tell you that a new product called CrowdFunding Frame Works has just hit the market . By now you have heard that there was a small delay to get it on the web but we're pleased to announce that we can get it to you now without any problems. We feel proud to have done so at last.
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Fundable indiegogo kickstarter

by Acumagnet

Here are your chances to make a fast cool million.
Make 3 bogus but plausible programs that get people ecited. Raise as much money as possible.
Collect money and leave country.
I got screwed on prosper, and those same people, with bad credit, go to crowdfunding websites with even less to prove about their viability except for some crazy idea on how to make money.
There are already people getting screwed on these crowdfunding sites. It would be nice to have a website monitoring this and compiling the stories.

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