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Finding out that one of your loved ones needs to undergo treatment for a serious medical condition can make you feel frustrated and helpless. However, you can take steps to make a positive impact on the situation by turning to a donation website to launch a medical crowdfunding campaign. In fact, DonationTo has already helped thousands of people worldwide with their charity pages, and our easy to use platform does not require any technical skills. Therefore, anyone can build their page within five minutes, and our social networking integration tool will make it easy to ask all of your friends and family members to make an online donation to your cause.

We understand that every penny counts when you are crowdfunding for medical bills. Because of this, we enable all of our users to avoid paying for any extra credit card processing fees, and you will also have the opportunity to keep 100 percent of the donations you receive. Taking advantage of one of our paid accounts can help you save a lot of money in the long run.

Hadley has spent the first seven months of her life dealing with eating issues such as vomiting and acid reflux, and this prompted doctors to begin feeding her through a NG-tube. Although this kept Hadley alive, it caused dependency issues that could have become a lifelong problem. In fact, Hadley’s doctor recommended surgically installing a feeding tube to make it easier to keep her properly nourished. However, her parents did not want to go this route because they were informed that Hadley’s issue was most likely behavioral because she associated eating with having bad acid reflux problems. Due to this, they begin looking for alternative treatment options.

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I got screwed on prosper, and those same people, with bad credit, go to crowdfunding websites with even less to prove about their viability except for some crazy idea on how to make money.
There are already people getting screwed on these crowdfunding sites. It would be nice to have a website monitoring this and compiling the stories.

Crowdfunding: Nonprofit's newest, sharpest financial weapon [Infographic]  — Technorati
While the boon of crowdfunding has become a valuable financial leveling tool for entrepreneurs and startups, it's been noticeably valuable for nonprofits, as well.

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