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On Breaking Demographic Borders for Books With Crowdfunding

Bobby Byrd, co-founder of Cinco Puntos PressThe concept of crowdfunding (which is raising money to bring a fully fleshed-out project to fruition versus crowdsourcing, which brings resources and talents together to complete a project) hadn’t been on the Byrds’ radar until Rockethub’s founder Brian Meece traveled to Cinco Puntos’ hometown of El Paso, Texas. Meece conducted a public presentation for local entrepreneurs based on his successful partnership with the West Texas athletic shoe company Spira, which resulted in promotion by A&E and a tie-in with the popular reality show Duck Dynasty.

The Byrds had been looking into new ways to capitalize after their long-time author Benjamin Alire Sáenz received the PEN/Faulkner Award for Fiction last spring, resulting in a jump in sales. This capitalization included not only literal revenue streams or long-range investors, but also a better reaping of their audience.

Cinco Puntos’ third partner, Lee and Bobby’s son John, believes that the company has always been good at identifying market inefficiencies within the publishing world, and wanted crowdfunding to be part of that tradition. “Most books published are by white writers who live on the East Coast, ” John told Publishing Perspectives. “So we realized that demographically there’s a large audience for non-white writers, so we’re seeking to capitalize on it and we’re really good at it, but we’re trying to connect with some additional capital so that we can take what we’re doing further.”

Otherwise My Life is Ordinary“We realized that demographically there’s a large audience for non-white writers, so we’re seeking to capitalize on it.”

Crowdfunding was a big draw given that, ideally, it provides both capital and publicity, not just one or the other. “[Meece] was talking about it a lot as an opportunity to not only sell what you’re doing but to create a broader audience for it. We’re always looking for ways to push beyond the people that we know enjoy our books and are buying our books, ” says John, whether those methods are within or outside of the traditional publishing framework.

John believes that their Rockethub campaign is akin to pre-selling and may feel more comfortable to the publishing world when regarded in that fashion. The benefit that he and his parents are shooting for, however, comes from crowdfunding’s ripple effect, which they hope will push their league of supporters out beyond an immediate, intimate network, and cultivate a larger group of supporters to cheerlead the publishing house through future literary offerings.

“[The Internet] creates opportunities for discoverability that didn’t exist 20 years ago, ” says John. “It gives us one more way of finding this audience that isn’t being reached by the traditional book industry structure.”

Looks like there is hope!

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I am feeling you... I am still paying off Student Loans and the market is terrible. And it is funny on how you mentioned crowdfunding because I just had a friend raise money for his film and asked if this could be done for student loans and unfortunately it can't... so I searched and searched for something like that and nothing is available. I spoke to him to see if any other sites can be like that and he told me of a group that is focusing on student loans and there has been lots of students that are taking interest... and they are all complaining about loans and being able to pay for school

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