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New Crowdfunding Site Lets You Choose Which Authors Get Published

unbound crowdfundingImagine if you were alive in the time of Dickens. Now imagine you were his publisher. What would you have said when he dropped Oliver Twist in your lap? Would you have fast-tracked it, gotten it right over to the printing press, and started selling it like crazy? Or would you have let it sit for awhile to ensure your friends like it too?

That’s the role of a publisher then and now. However, it’s never been possible for regular people like you and me (well, me at least) to choose what gets published and what doesn’t.

Until now.

Drawing on the success of crowdsourcing tools like Kickstarter and Indiegogo, U.K.-based Unbound is a new way for you to play a critical role in the publishing of books. It’s a familiar layout on the site and shows how far along each book / project is in terms of fundraising.

How It Works

sue black bletchley parkUnbound puts the power of publishing in the hands of authors and readers. Authors pitch their book ideas directly to you. If you back a project before it reaches its funding target, you get your name printed in the back of every copy and immediate behind-the-scenes access to the author’s shed. If any project fails to hit its funding target, you get refunded in full.

We think it’s an important concept and that it’s great to see literature getting its time in the sun. I can only imagine the books that are going to come out of Unbound thanks to the support of crowdfunding. For now, check out some of the current books up for funding!

Saving Bletchley Park – By Sue Black

This is a story about saving Bletchley Park, one of the UK’s most importance sites of historical significance. It begins with Alan Turing and the team of codebreakers who worked there during World War II, and it ends with plans to transform it into the world class heritage and education centre it deserves to be. In between is the story of the hundreds of people who have dedicated years of hard work and determination to save it.

dominic frisby authorThis is also a story about technology, and how it can be employed to extraordinary effect. Bletchley Park was the birthplace of the modern computer – 70 years later, this technology enabled a social media campaign that helped to secure Bletchley Park’s long term future. That same technology will also help to fund this book – a fitting testament to the achievements of this remarkable team of computing pioneers.

Life After The State – By Dominic Frisby

This book is the culmination of these seven years of study, bordering on obsession. Just as I saw the financial crash of 2008 coming, I now see another one, even more calamitous, headed our way; only this one has serious political ramifications as well. But now, as then, not one high-profile politician, economist or journalist seems to “get it” – because not one of them have correctly identified the cause of our problems.

I had never thought, before, about the nature of money. I never realised that there is a direct link between what we use as money and liberty, honesty and efficiency. It is in money – the blood of an economy – that our salvation lies.

Support this book, and I’ll explain all.

Tripwire 20th Anniversary Edition -By Joel Meadows

Over the last twenty years, TRIPWIRE has been covering comics, TV and film with interviews and columns by now-famous names like Grant Morrison and Warren Ellis. Still running as an annual publication, it continues to run feature-length articles and one-off artwork cover commissions.

Looks like there is hope!

by hwnwiz

Hey StinaJ!
I am feeling you... I am still paying off Student Loans and the market is terrible. And it is funny on how you mentioned crowdfunding because I just had a friend raise money for his film and asked if this could be done for student loans and unfortunately it can't... so I searched and searched for something like that and nothing is available. I spoke to him to see if any other sites can be like that and he told me of a group that is focusing on student loans and there has been lots of students that are taking interest... and they are all complaining about loans and being able to pay for school

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